How to Earn Money Online From PPD Sites?

How to Earn Money Online From PPD Sites?

Hi every one, today will tell you about way to earn money online considered from best ways to work at home and work online, this way called PPD (Pay Per Download) millions of people makes millions of dollars monthly using this way, it easy to make $50-$200 per day using this type of sites, want to know more about pay per down load sites? want to know best sites in this type? want to know how to promote your offers and make the amount of cash daily? so let's read this articles to learn how to earn money online and work at home.

What Is Pay Per Down Load Sites?

Most of people call it PPD, simply it is amazing way to earn money online, it simply require 3 simple steps to start to earn cash:
1 you upload file: Most PPD sites ask you to have the copy right o files yo upload, well, in the real world i read that 99% of them don't have the copy rights, by the way upload small size files, it better in most of promotional ways, but some of them needs special kinds of sites.
2 Promotion: Is the second step here, because you get paid for each download, why? because the visitor to be able to download the file he should do little task like survey, email submit, down load soft ware...etc then the site you work with get paid, then you get paid too, there are many ways to promote your links to start earn money online well talk about it in other point.
3 You get paid: it's last step, easy isn't it? after the visitor do the task requested, the payment you get depends on the offer you promote, besides the country of the visitors, for example, if your visitors from United States of America the price per download will be in range of $1 to $18, if you target country like France will be higher $2.00 to $20.00 average, may be in same range or lower or higher depends on country, but you should notice that France is the highest payment, after it you can find other countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, News land, Norway, Europe....etc, so it will be much better to focus on one of this countries.

How I Can Promote My Links?

There are many different ways to promote your link, the most successful people work on pay per download sites have their own ways or improve one of this most popular ways we will mention:
1 Social Websites: you can use social net works like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter...etc, if you have big fan page about some thing related to programs/games you can use it to promote links to games, or for some thing like courses for any thing you can upload it and share link on your page.
2 Niches: If you good in SEO (Search optimization Engines) you can target some keywords about some thing or brand, and upload some thing related to it, then share the link.
3 YouTube: You can use same way here but by videos, it's  very amazing way to earn money online and work at home.

Best PPD Sites To Be Able To Earn Money Online:

It is very important for you to choose trusted pay per download site to start to promote this site offers, so check it out:
Top 100 pay per download sites:

  1. Share Cash. 
  2. Dollar Uploads.
  3. Upload EE.
  4. Pure bites.
  5. Dream Cash.
  6. Clutch files.
  7. Share fle cash.
  8. Cash share.
  9. Share Gate.
  10. Paidz Share.
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