Your Way To Earn Money Online From Google

Your Way To Earn Money Online From Google

Many of us search for good trusted way to earn money online and to use his or her free time in some thing useful, most of us use the internet many hours per day and lose a lot of time, what you think if i tell you about amazing way to use your time and to earn cash online by easy, fast and trusted way, ladies and genteel men today we will take about site from Google army, this loyal soldier called Google Adsence, you can use your website traffic to earn thousands of dollars monthly, but questions you may ask here, what i don't have a website? what if i have website but i don't have traffic? i have website and i have traffic but how i can use Google Adsnece? the answer of all this questions will answer you here in this article, so let's go.

What is Adsence?

As we said before Google Adsence is high skilled soldier in Google Companies army, it the most popular way for the publishers from all over the world to earn money online using their sites, millions of people makes million of dollars monthly using this way, how? simply they fix some advertisement banners on their sites, they got paid for 2 activities their visitors do:

  1.  per 1000 page view you will get paid.
  2.  per click on banner you will get paid too.

but wait a second, the price of payout depends on what? on two things the career of your site (key words you target, not all words with same price, will tell you for highest paid words, top secret!), and the country for the visitors here list of most paid countries you can target:
  1. United States Of America.
  2. United Kingdom.
  3. Australia.
  4. Canada.
  5. France.
  6. Germany.
  7. Norway.
  8. Italy.
  9. Netherlands.
  10. Denmark.
I didn't arrange them they about in same tier you can add Poland too, you can add any country in Europe and America, but don't target Middle East or Asia because the advertisers their pay much lower than the countries we mentioned, and you here try to earn money online and use your free time to work at home, so don't waste it.
For Advertisers: they can promote their sites or products and can control the interests and the area of the clients they search for, many brands and advertisers use this way in their advertisement.

How I Can Earn Money Online With No Traffic?

I don't say about this question is smart question at all, believe me we can find comment ask question like this in comments, people are awesome! what ever, from rules of working with Adsence that traffic equal money, with no traffic no clicks on banners with no traffic no views with no traffic will be not able to earn money online with Google.

How I Can Get Traffic From Search Engines?

This is last chapter in this article, simply you can use 3 ways to be able to get high number of visitors to your web site and start to earn money online, but you should know by this 3 ways you will be able to get traffic, but the most paid traffic that kind which came from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, OAL,, now the time of the 3 ways:

  1. Paid Advertisement: you can pay to some sites or Google it self to but banners in other sites and attract visitors, but it will better to pm the webmasters of the sites directly it will be much cheaper, because Google take 32% and you get 68% from what advertiser paid.
  2. Social Networks: it good too to use social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter....etc, to get visitors and start to earn money online.
  3. SEO (Search Optimization Engines): Simply this is how you can get traffic from search engines, it devised in two kinds on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO, search for more info about it and start to learn, to be able to get high number of traffic from search engines, but if you don't have time and have cash you can hire any one from any freelance site like freelancer, Odesk, People per Hour... etc, for any questions or notices please leave comment, this is amazing way to earn money online, thank you for your attention.

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