Leave Your Job And Work With Forex

Leave Your Job And Work With Forex

Millions of people monthly all around the world search for a new job, on but what the most of them don't know the way we will talk about in this article, you will be your own boss, you will be able to choose your work time, all of that and more, you will be in the total control for your work time style, you can control how much you lose! This feature can't find it in any other kind of business it one of the many features the kind of business have, you can figure it out and start, but you will need some info you should know before start, you will find it in this article, so pay attention!!


As any new business, small kind of business or big kind of business, if you plan to start any of them you should learn about it before start to avoid to lose and profits, however, today we will talk about the real world not the perfect one, to make profits you will lose at the beginning, the change you can make here is to reduce the amount of lose, now I want you to change the way you think and open your mind because we will to how to earn money online, from this point we will take about the features you will get when work at home on Forex.

Why Work On Forex Is Good Choice?

  1. Start with 10,000 without paying anything: Most or all of Forex sties which helps you to earn money online and work at home, give you virtual account with balance $10,000 to start trade with, and extra real cash for stocks, this feature will help you a lot to don't waste money, you can practice on this account and avoid losing money.
  2. Choose the Amount of Lose: When you start to work on your real or virtual account you can control the amount you want to lose before close this trade, like if you reach to profit 55% close it and if you lost 60% close it, it is amazing feature you can use to avoid losing money, but don't forget to learn about it before the start, learn with virtual money not real ones.
  3. Get experts profits from the first day: Some companies provide great feature, can make you earn money online and work at home via Forex, without even be expert, you can go to another trader account and copy his trades for you automatically! Another great feature will helps you a lot to work at home, but you should choose the right trader by checking out his rate, at least in last 3-5 month before coping him.

There are other tips for you should know, you can find many banners that tell you, start today with $100 only lap, lap lap.... after you start you will know to start you need at least $1000, it's not a small amount of cash for some of us, it's big, so don't forget to learn well before start to earn money online using the Forex, for any questions or notes please leave a comment, Salaam.

Earn More Than $1000 Monthly With YouTube

Earn More Than $1000 Monthly With YouTube

Hey every one, Today is a new day with new articles for all our followers, this article will be for beginners and experts on earn money online, I will mention some unique strategies to learn you how earn money online with YouTube, all of them will help you work at home and earn cash using the web, no longer breathe strategies, it needs some efforts, but you will earn the profits soon, cause what makes YouTube amazing way to earn cash that most of his strategies is fast and easy, however, pay attention to get the maximum profits!


For those who don't know how you can use YouTube to earn money online, simply you invest in your videos, you allow YouTube to put ads with your videos and you will get paid and YouTube gets a percentage, banners came from another company related to Google called Adsence, you take 68% and Google 32%, well this percentage is the best compared to all other companies, but some people use it to promote to some offers or products,I think this way makes more profits and will tell you why, in other words, you can use it to join millions around all the world make monthly and daily profits from this amazing site, about the first way the cash you get is deepening on some factors:

  1. The country of visitors: Views from Asia not like views from United states of America, price of ads for the people from countries of America and Europe is much more than the Middle East and Asia, you can target one of those countries United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, France, Germany..
  2. Cookies on Visitors browser: If you have ads about anything like iPhone 5S, users who visited sites related to cell phones or phones, will get you more profit than the other ones, and working at this point will help you a lot to work at home and earn money online.
  3. The kind of Ads you promote: From the ways to get views is YouTube SEO, you target certain keywords with monthly search and for certain topics, videos about insurance and loans and Forex, is the most paid ones, but videos about something like dating is low priced, this point will help you too to work at home and earn money online on the YouTube.

Strategies To Earn Money Online On YouTube:

There are many ways to work at home and earn money online on this site, but every one has his own way, will highlight the best of them and you can pick your best one and use, Think well before start this site is a gold mine for those who can use it by a right way, many people make over $100,000 per years using it, I said many I don't talk about special cases, if you have any note or question or want to share your experience with us feel free to leave comment:

  1. Adsence banners: you can make an account on Google adsence and add banners to your videos and start to earn money online and work from home.
  2.  CPA (Cost Per Action): There are sites called cost per action sites, you have offers like email submit for some offers, you can promote this offer by making videos.
  3. Affiliate Sites: Affiliate sites like Click Bank, JV zoo and Click sure, you can promote for products using this site, and start to work at home and earn money online.

I hope that article is helpful for you, and wait more articles to talk more about this point may be on other blogs, cheers.

Earn Dot Review

Earn Dot Review

Hey everybody today with new ways to teach you how to work at home and earn money online, you can easily reach more than $32 per day from the first day of working, totally free with no long breathe strategies, it considered from best get paid to (GPT) sites, it has many features which make this the site the best in it is kind, will mention it in this article, beside will show you how to use this amazing site to make extra income, and may make it your premier job! so let's know more about this site.

What Is "Earn Dot"?

Before we talk about Earn Dot we will talk about getting paid to (GPT) sites, simply the idea of this kind of sites that you sign up then review some sites or do some tasks and surveys then get paid, sounds great? wait a second, this happens in the perfect world, but in our real world, this kind of sites has three main disadvantages made it a bad choice to use to work from home:
  1. Bad Payment System: In many GPT sites the payments are late, and many of them may turn scum, or we can find only some online banks not all of them.
  2. Low Number Of Offers: The biggest problem that this kind of sites promote a certain number of offers, and that is too bad because after while you will not able to find new offers or tasks to do.
  3. Bad Support: Many of this kind of sites have bad support, you can send many messages with no answer.
  4. Bad Refer System: Tracking for your refer is too bad maybe don't put it in your list or some of the site gives you a percentage of your referrals earnings,if this site has bad tracking system you will lose money.
But wait a again, what if I told you about a good GPT site, have many features and don't have thing kind of advantage? it will be a great way to work at home earn money online.

How "Earn Dot" Works?

As I said before this site is the best or one of the best in this kind of business, why? because it includes this feature:
  1. Flexible Payment System: You can withdraw your funds with PayPal or Payoneer or Skrill, which covers all world wide, and if you prefer to use another way to withdraw, send message to the support they will be happy to help you.
  2. High Numbers of offers: You can find the highest number of offers on it, and they always renew them, that's mean that you will never stop.
  3. Perfect Refer System: With perfect tracking yo will get 10% from your referrals rewards lifetime, with $0.5 for each new refer, from selected countries only after he doing any other (United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Norway, Spain, Netherlands..) Europe countries and America, it's better to target US because most of offers for US users.
  4. Great Support: In less than 24 hours you will get a response, that in case if you found live chat closed, most of the time they are online, and if you from top earners you can ask for your mangers Skype.
  5. Bounce System: From best features you can find in this site, the bounce system, you get $25 gift card (Amazon, ePay, Walt mart...any favorite online store) or $25 cash to your balance, for every $100 you earn, for example: you earn $100 yo will get extra $25, you earn $500 you will get extra $125...etc, besides ask for your special gift after you earn $1000 or more.
There are more features too you can check the site to know, you can earn cash by doing some easy and quick tasks or surveys, you will earn points, many GPT sites don't offers you to exchange your points with cash, this site do, you can exchange them with cash or for any item you want from Amazon, check out Amazon Store on "Earn Dot'', and they will add more stores soon, if you have question if you have comment or want to share your experience with us, please feel free to leave comment, best of luck to all of you, Salaam.

Learn How To Earn Money Online From Domains

Learn How To Earn Money Online From Domains

Hello every buddy, today as always i will teach you amazing way to help you to use your free time to work at home and earn money online, with save, trusted and easy ways, thousands of people around the world use this strategy to earn extra cash or as part or full time job, why? because it amazing way to work online, but as any new business or job, you should know it's basics before start in it to increase your success rates, so will tell you in this article what is domains and how to start?

What is Domains?

If you don't know what is domains, it's simply the address of your site, to create any new web site, you will need important things, first the domain (the address of your site) the second thing is hosting, our article will talk about domains today, so but the question here how to earn money online using domains? there are many types of domains like:
  • com
  • net
  • org
  • me
  • info
  • biz
  • mobi
  • tv
  • de
  • countries like: uk,us and eg.

This comes after writing (.) there are more types but those are the most popular ones, for advice don't use all of them randomly, if you will make normal web site, use com, if you found domain name with com taken, try net or org, it much better for search engine optimization, if you will make site for mobil applications choose mobi, same idea for television chancels and live courses sites it better to use tv, it is too important to use this tips to get higher rank on search engines like Google, AOL, Bing and Yahoo, many people use info because it with lower price, but believe me few dollars not thing if your site become on the first page in Google or last page, it differ for your site rank and it will differ in price of the domain which we will use to earn money online.

How To Start Your New Business?

You should know this tips before start to work at home and earn money online to use this way to work, look we will play on two sides which make value to the domain:
  1. The Name Of The Domain: Famous domain names and easy ones which consists of two or three even four letters get higher value and higher price, their was domain (fb.com) all of us know Facebook, this company bought that domain with 8 million dollars! surprised? you will surprise more when you check this list and will be more happy to know this way which helps you to earn money online and work at home, check it in the nest part in this article.
  2. The Authority For The Domain To The Search Engines: Their are some factors which control and help the sites to take rank in search engines with it's domain name, from this factors:
  • Age.
  • Page Authority.
  • Domains Authority.
  • Page Rank.
  • It is Career.

Let us move to the lists of high priced ones to know more about this kind of work, you can use this site to hunt domains, work from home and to make money online (expireddomains.net), you will find a lot of domains for sale buy some and sell for higher price, you can find high value domains for price like $10 take it and put it in Godaddy auctions or on Pvt sale auctions to get higher price and so on...

Most expensive Domains List:

This list will show you the top prices which will make you feel the power of this kind of business, and will motivate you to use this way to work from home and make money online so be ready:

Top high priced Domains for Feb 2014:

  1. Wan.com, $800,000.
  2. Teamwork.com, $675,000.
  3. Game.cn, $512,307.
  4. True.com, $350,000.
  5. Malls.com, $320,000.
  6. BitcoinWallet.com, $250,000.
  7. Wan.cn, $247,830.
  8. DL.com, $210,689
  9. LB.cnm $176,000.
  10. LGG.com, $175,000.
So let us move to the next list and know more about this amazing business, so don't forget to pay attention.
If you have any question about how to use this method to earn money online and work at home, feel free to leave comment, and if you want to share your experience with us leave comment, best regards.

The Best Way To Earn Money Online

The Best Way To Earn Money Online

Hey every buddy,we are here today to talk about the most amazing way to earn money online, not only me many experts around all the world say about cost per action CPA sits is the most easy way for beginners to work at home and earn cash with just internet connection and PC, we will talk in this article how to use it how to start and how to promote the offers, so pay attention and be ready to know the best way to earn money online and be rich, let us start.

What CPA means?

CPA means cost per action, the all story here about getting leads to do some actions and you get paid, you should choose good company to work with, but what kind of offer you will promote if you don't know check out this list:
  1. Zip/Email Submit.
  2.  Free trail.
  3. Surveys.
  4. Sales.
  5. leads.
  6. Pin Submit.
but what are the best sites we can use to start out work in CPA, that's what we will say in the next point so pay attention.

Best Cost Per Action Sites:

Before you stat you should know that the kind of offers divided in two main types, some sites use both of them some not:
incentive: In this kind of offers you can pay cash or points or gifts, any kind of rewards to make members to the offer.
non incentive: this kind of offers don't allow any kind of incentives you can find this type in leads offers specially.
Another important note: Like work with Google Adsence choose high payed countries like United states of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany and France specially France cause it have high rate of paying, in other words target countries Europe and America.

Best CPA sites:

The next step which are too important is to choose right company to work with, so will give you list for best one of them and you can choose the company that you see it will help you to earn money online and work at home, after you choose it search on search engines like Google and Yahoo, about how to promote offers will provide some of them but you should search more to be able to work with cost per action offers:
  1. MaxBounty: From best cost per actions sites there are many offers on it you can get payed for net-30 or net-15 or weekly or pi weekly.
  2. Commission Junction: This site are very good for beginners it easy to accept you it not need any approval beside it have a lot of offers.
  3. Peer Fly: This is site is great site, it have many offers over 2000 you should be expert to be able to apply for it.
  4. CPA LEAD: from best incentive CPA sites you can apply for it, it good for both beginners and experts, both use to work at home and earn money online.
  5. CPA WAY: This site from top 10 of this kind of sites, it number five, it have many offers and good support.
  6. CPA FULL: This site is so great to work on, from best sites in gaming offers it have a lot of them.
  7. Ad Gate: From best incentive sites but it need to be expert to apply for it.
  8. 1st Class CPA: Have many offers and can pay weekly after the first month.
  9. Adscend Media: This site have both incentives and non incentives offers i work with it and it's going great.
  10. Click Throo: From best cost per action sites you can use to earn money online and work at home.
I don't put them in arrangement all of them are good to work with, and it will be easy for you earn money online and work at home, for any questions please leave your comment, cheers.
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Earn Money Online With Click Bank

Earn Money Online With Click Bank

Ladies and gentle men pay attention we will talk today about one from best ways to help you to work at home and earn money online, many people made a lot of money from this site, it's easy and trusted and real way to earn cash and work at home, we heard about many success stories for people made millions of dollars from Click Bank, some of cases i saw made $420,000 from Morocco, and i heard about other guy made over $10,000,000 yeah then number is right! feel motivated? let's check out this article.

What is Click Bank?

Click bank is one of best affiliate sites, you sell some products and you get commission, this kind of sites called cost per sale sites CPL, what make me say about it is the best and really amazing way to work at home and earn money online that it gives you up to 75% per sale as commission, the reason of the high percentage of commission is you sell online products not real ones like:
  • Online Courses.
  • Programs.
  • Online services.
  • Normal products.
  • Medicines.
Some people compare it with sites like Amazon and EPAY, they sell normal products like laptops and cell phones, you can find in same career like Peer Fly, Commission Junction, JV Zoo and CPA WAY, most of people who work in affiliate prefer click bank to help them to earn money online and work at home, this company paid more than 2 billion dollars since it started, since 2001 or 1999 i don't remember exactly but it old and trussed company that's what i try to say it helped many of people around all the world to earn money and be rich, let use move to other point to tech you more about this amazing site.

How Promote To The Products?

Every sales man have his own skills and own secret which helps him to make profits and earn money, but i will tell about most effective methods used in promotion in this kind of sites, i will talk about wide lines and you can complete the search on search engines, because one article will be not enough to mention all promotion methods, you can start immediately after reading this article to learn more about marketing, then you can check out the site to choose good offer and start to promote it so let us start:
  1.  Email: Cash in email, not just words for marketers, making email lists and sell to your followers is from most powerful and free method you can use to promote your offers and earn money online, and you must know to have 1000 member in your email list trust you and like the kind of products you promote is better than having million in you emails list even don't know you.
  2. Niches: You can create sites with target keywords for products or career and sell products in it, you can use this idea to make email list.
  3.  YouTube: You can make video about product and start to promote it, many marketers use this way to earn money online and make sales.
  4. Renting banners: You can rent banners on big sites talking about career of product you promote, you rent emails list also but renting email list is too expensive.
  5. Social Networks: You can make fan page about something and attract followers, if you make page about diet and work out you can sell fitness products on it easily.

For any question or comments please feel free to make comment, wish you best of luck to work at home earn money online, cheers.
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Your Way To Earn Money Online From Google

Your Way To Earn Money Online From Google

Many of us search for good trusted way to earn money online and to use his or her free time in some thing useful, most of us use the internet many hours per day and lose a lot of time, what you think if i tell you about amazing way to use your time and to earn cash online by easy, fast and trusted way, ladies and genteel men today we will take about site from Google army, this loyal soldier called Google Adsence, you can use your website traffic to earn thousands of dollars monthly, but questions you may ask here, what i don't have a website? what if i have website but i don't have traffic? i have website and i have traffic but how i can use Google Adsnece? the answer of all this questions will answer you here in this article, so let's go.

What is Adsence?

As we said before Google Adsence is high skilled soldier in Google Companies army, it the most popular way for the publishers from all over the world to earn money online using their sites, millions of people makes million of dollars monthly using this way, how? simply they fix some advertisement banners on their sites, they got paid for 2 activities their visitors do:

  1.  per 1000 page view you will get paid.
  2.  per click on banner you will get paid too.

but wait a second, the price of payout depends on what? on two things the career of your site (key words you target, not all words with same price, will tell you for highest paid words, top secret!), and the country for the visitors here list of most paid countries you can target:
  1. United States Of America.
  2. United Kingdom.
  3. Australia.
  4. Canada.
  5. France.
  6. Germany.
  7. Norway.
  8. Italy.
  9. Netherlands.
  10. Denmark.
I didn't arrange them they about in same tier you can add Poland too, you can add any country in Europe and America, but don't target Middle East or Asia because the advertisers their pay much lower than the countries we mentioned, and you here try to earn money online and use your free time to work at home, so don't waste it.
For Advertisers: they can promote their sites or products and can control the interests and the area of the clients they search for, many brands and advertisers use this way in their advertisement.

How I Can Earn Money Online With No Traffic?

I don't say about this question is smart question at all, believe me we can find comment ask question like this in comments, people are awesome! what ever, from rules of working with Adsence that traffic equal money, with no traffic no clicks on banners with no traffic no views with no traffic will be not able to earn money online with Google.

How I Can Get Traffic From Search Engines?

This is last chapter in this article, simply you can use 3 ways to be able to get high number of visitors to your web site and start to earn money online, but you should know by this 3 ways you will be able to get traffic, but the most paid traffic that kind which came from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, OAL, ask.com, now the time of the 3 ways:

  1. Paid Advertisement: you can pay to some sites or Google it self to but banners in other sites and attract visitors, but it will better to pm the webmasters of the sites directly it will be much cheaper, because Google take 32% and you get 68% from what advertiser paid.
  2. Social Networks: it good too to use social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter....etc, to get visitors and start to earn money online.
  3. SEO (Search Optimization Engines): Simply this is how you can get traffic from search engines, it devised in two kinds on-page SEO and Off-Page SEO, search for more info about it and start to learn, to be able to get high number of traffic from search engines, but if you don't have time and have cash you can hire any one from any freelance site like freelancer, Odesk, People per Hour... etc, for any questions or notices please leave comment, this is amazing way to earn money online, thank you for your attention.

don't miss this article to learn more about best ways to earn money online.