Learn How To Earn Money Online From Domains

Learn How To Earn Money Online From Domains

Hello every buddy, today as always i will teach you amazing way to help you to use your free time to work at home and earn money online, with save, trusted and easy ways, thousands of people around the world use this strategy to earn extra cash or as part or full time job, why? because it amazing way to work online, but as any new business or job, you should know it's basics before start in it to increase your success rates, so will tell you in this article what is domains and how to start?

What is Domains?

If you don't know what is domains, it's simply the address of your site, to create any new web site, you will need important things, first the domain (the address of your site) the second thing is hosting, our article will talk about domains today, so but the question here how to earn money online using domains? there are many types of domains like:
  • com
  • net
  • org
  • me
  • info
  • biz
  • mobi
  • tv
  • de
  • countries like: uk,us and eg.

This comes after writing (.) there are more types but those are the most popular ones, for advice don't use all of them randomly, if you will make normal web site, use com, if you found domain name with com taken, try net or org, it much better for search engine optimization, if you will make site for mobil applications choose mobi, same idea for television chancels and live courses sites it better to use tv, it is too important to use this tips to get higher rank on search engines like Google, AOL, Bing and Yahoo, many people use info because it with lower price, but believe me few dollars not thing if your site become on the first page in Google or last page, it differ for your site rank and it will differ in price of the domain which we will use to earn money online.

How To Start Your New Business?

You should know this tips before start to work at home and earn money online to use this way to work, look we will play on two sides which make value to the domain:
  1. The Name Of The Domain: Famous domain names and easy ones which consists of two or three even four letters get higher value and higher price, their was domain (fb.com) all of us know Facebook, this company bought that domain with 8 million dollars! surprised? you will surprise more when you check this list and will be more happy to know this way which helps you to earn money online and work at home, check it in the nest part in this article.
  2. The Authority For The Domain To The Search Engines: Their are some factors which control and help the sites to take rank in search engines with it's domain name, from this factors:
  • Age.
  • Page Authority.
  • Domains Authority.
  • Page Rank.
  • It is Career.

Let us move to the lists of high priced ones to know more about this kind of work, you can use this site to hunt domains, work from home and to make money online (expireddomains.net), you will find a lot of domains for sale buy some and sell for higher price, you can find high value domains for price like $10 take it and put it in Godaddy auctions or on Pvt sale auctions to get higher price and so on...

Most expensive Domains List:

This list will show you the top prices which will make you feel the power of this kind of business, and will motivate you to use this way to work from home and make money online so be ready:

Top high priced Domains for Feb 2014:

  1. Wan.com, $800,000.
  2. Teamwork.com, $675,000.
  3. Game.cn, $512,307.
  4. True.com, $350,000.
  5. Malls.com, $320,000.
  6. BitcoinWallet.com, $250,000.
  7. Wan.cn, $247,830.
  8. DL.com, $210,689
  9. LB.cnm $176,000.
  10. LGG.com, $175,000.
So let us move to the next list and know more about this amazing business, so don't forget to pay attention.
If you have any question about how to use this method to earn money online and work at home, feel free to leave comment, and if you want to share your experience with us leave comment, best regards.