Earn Dot Review

Earn Dot Review

Hey everybody today with new ways to teach you how to work at home and earn money online, you can easily reach more than $32 per day from the first day of working, totally free with no long breathe strategies, it considered from best get paid to (GPT) sites, it has many features which make this the site the best in it is kind, will mention it in this article, beside will show you how to use this amazing site to make extra income, and may make it your premier job! so let's know more about this site.

What Is "Earn Dot"?

Before we talk about Earn Dot we will talk about getting paid to (GPT) sites, simply the idea of this kind of sites that you sign up then review some sites or do some tasks and surveys then get paid, sounds great? wait a second, this happens in the perfect world, but in our real world, this kind of sites has three main disadvantages made it a bad choice to use to work from home:
  1. Bad Payment System: In many GPT sites the payments are late, and many of them may turn scum, or we can find only some online banks not all of them.
  2. Low Number Of Offers: The biggest problem that this kind of sites promote a certain number of offers, and that is too bad because after while you will not able to find new offers or tasks to do.
  3. Bad Support: Many of this kind of sites have bad support, you can send many messages with no answer.
  4. Bad Refer System: Tracking for your refer is too bad maybe don't put it in your list or some of the site gives you a percentage of your referrals earnings,if this site has bad tracking system you will lose money.
But wait a again, what if I told you about a good GPT site, have many features and don't have thing kind of advantage? it will be a great way to work at home earn money online.

How "Earn Dot" Works?

As I said before this site is the best or one of the best in this kind of business, why? because it includes this feature:
  1. Flexible Payment System: You can withdraw your funds with PayPal or Payoneer or Skrill, which covers all world wide, and if you prefer to use another way to withdraw, send message to the support they will be happy to help you.
  2. High Numbers of offers: You can find the highest number of offers on it, and they always renew them, that's mean that you will never stop.
  3. Perfect Refer System: With perfect tracking yo will get 10% from your referrals rewards lifetime, with $0.5 for each new refer, from selected countries only after he doing any other (United States Of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Poland, Norway, Spain, Netherlands..) Europe countries and America, it's better to target US because most of offers for US users.
  4. Great Support: In less than 24 hours you will get a response, that in case if you found live chat closed, most of the time they are online, and if you from top earners you can ask for your mangers Skype.
  5. Bounce System: From best features you can find in this site, the bounce system, you get $25 gift card (Amazon, ePay, Walt mart...any favorite online store) or $25 cash to your balance, for every $100 you earn, for example: you earn $100 yo will get extra $25, you earn $500 you will get extra $125...etc, besides ask for your special gift after you earn $1000 or more.
There are more features too you can check the site to know, you can earn cash by doing some easy and quick tasks or surveys, you will earn points, many GPT sites don't offers you to exchange your points with cash, this site do, you can exchange them with cash or for any item you want from Amazon, check out Amazon Store on "Earn Dot'', and they will add more stores soon, if you have question if you have comment or want to share your experience with us, please feel free to leave comment, best of luck to all of you, Salaam.