Earn More Than $1000 Monthly With YouTube

Earn More Than $1000 Monthly With YouTube

Hey every one, Today is a new day with new articles for all our followers, this article will be for beginners and experts on earn money online, I will mention some unique strategies to learn you how earn money online with YouTube, all of them will help you work at home and earn cash using the web, no longer breathe strategies, it needs some efforts, but you will earn the profits soon, cause what makes YouTube amazing way to earn cash that most of his strategies is fast and easy, however, pay attention to get the maximum profits!


For those who don't know how you can use YouTube to earn money online, simply you invest in your videos, you allow YouTube to put ads with your videos and you will get paid and YouTube gets a percentage, banners came from another company related to Google called Adsence, you take 68% and Google 32%, well this percentage is the best compared to all other companies, but some people use it to promote to some offers or products,I think this way makes more profits and will tell you why, in other words, you can use it to join millions around all the world make monthly and daily profits from this amazing site, about the first way the cash you get is deepening on some factors:

  1. The country of visitors: Views from Asia not like views from United states of America, price of ads for the people from countries of America and Europe is much more than the Middle East and Asia, you can target one of those countries United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, France, Germany..
  2. Cookies on Visitors browser: If you have ads about anything like iPhone 5S, users who visited sites related to cell phones or phones, will get you more profit than the other ones, and working at this point will help you a lot to work at home and earn money online.
  3. The kind of Ads you promote: From the ways to get views is YouTube SEO, you target certain keywords with monthly search and for certain topics, videos about insurance and loans and Forex, is the most paid ones, but videos about something like dating is low priced, this point will help you too to work at home and earn money online on the YouTube.

Strategies To Earn Money Online On YouTube:

There are many ways to work at home and earn money online on this site, but every one has his own way, will highlight the best of them and you can pick your best one and use, Think well before start this site is a gold mine for those who can use it by a right way, many people make over $100,000 per years using it, I said many I don't talk about special cases, if you have any note or question or want to share your experience with us feel free to leave comment:

  1. Adsence banners: you can make an account on Google adsence and add banners to your videos and start to earn money online and work from home.
  2.  CPA (Cost Per Action): There are sites called cost per action sites, you have offers like email submit for some offers, you can promote this offer by making videos.
  3. Affiliate Sites: Affiliate sites like Click Bank, JV zoo and Click sure, you can promote for products using this site, and start to work at home and earn money online.

I hope that article is helpful for you, and wait more articles to talk more about this point may be on other blogs, cheers.